Simple and satisfying, we think rolled oats are the king of the breakfast table.

Whether you take them sweet, savory, or somewhere in between, Northerly’s rolled oats are guaranteed sustainable, and full of the energy you need to get through your day.

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good source of fiber

good source of protein

good for your heart

made in Canada

Our packaging is environmentally-
friendly and full of sustainably-grown grains

Sustainable agriculture isn’t just about growing a better future or a healthier planet, it’s about building stronger communities.

Because we believe more is more, when you buy in bulk, we give in bulk.

Our 50 lb. give-back bag helps food banks, shelters, and charity organizations provide healthy, sustainable meals to those who need it most.

Climb and Give Project – 1 serving of food per foot climbed

Our goal is to raise awareness about hunger, sustainable agriculture, and the future of feeding the world. Learn more at


Order our grains online, find us at select local markets and co-ops, or taste for yourself how Northerly’s high quality crops are already elevating Canada’s local food scene.

Northerly supplies to markets, restaurants, food startups, food trucks, craft brewers, and bakeries. When you eat a fresh scone, sample lentil soup at a local farmers’ market, or sip a craft beer made from Northerly grains, you’re not just getting a high quality product. You’re also supporting our values and mission:

Sustainable, smart growing practices that extend the future of farming.



smart growing.

Whether you’re a small-scale craft brewmaster or a bakery with national reach, you’ll benefit from working directly with our grain growers. We provide markets, restaurants, bakeries, food vendors and craft brewers flavorful, high-quality grains. Just one step away from your customers’ consumption, your products are more sustainable and environmentally-friendly. We pride ourselves on offering accessible, flexible serve to each of our buyers. You can chat with us, suggest changes, and get the supplies you need even shortly before harvest.

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smart growing.




Today’s health conscious eaters need access to fresh, sustainable food without all the hassle and cost of distributors and processors. We believe you deserve to know what you’re eating and where it comes from. Northerly grains are cutting out the middleman so you can create a direct relationship with our farmers.

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For the environment.

Our bio-based packaging is made partially from compostable, starch-based materials to reduce Northerly’s environmental impact.

Advancements in technology, rather than separating us from the natural world, are key to helping us save it. By using AI, robotics, automation, and IoT technology, we’re able to use the land more efficiently, with less pollution, less waste, and higher quality, higher yield crops. Unlike organic farming, which is more concerned with the production side of things — AKA the products used to grow crops —we’re using smart farming to ensure our growing practices are sustainable, from seed to sale.

The future of farming.

The future of farming.

Clayton B. R. Wolfe | CEO

From biodegradable packaging to shorter supply chains, waste reduction, and precision growing, Northerly uses cutting-edge tech to support greener agriculture. Each of our team members, whether they’re in the field, the processing plant, or the office, are experts invested in the future of sustainable farming.

Our crop physiologists, microbiologists, and registered dieticians carefully monitor the health and quality of our plants. Our processing team guarantees optimal taste, texture, color, nutrition and yield, while our in-house distribution team makes sure we deliver high quality customer service along with our products.

We believe we can,
and have to, do better.

Putting crops directly into buyers’ hands.

For over 100 years the Wolfe family has produced superior, sustainable grains and pulses– lentils, chickpeas, peas, and beans– on their Saskatchewan homestead. Northerly fuses hands-on, professional farming experience with education in and understanding of advanced agricultural technology. Northerly meets the highest standards of social and environmental accountability, while putting crops directly into buyers’ hands.



From the field to its final destination, we maintain control over nearly every piece of our food chain. We clean, package, and deliver so you’re guaranteed a high quality product, every time.

Shorter Chains


With shorter food chains your product passes through fewer hands before reaching your kitchen or facility. This means you get fresh, fairly-priced grains thanks to our higher agricultural efficiency.

Solving Problems


Accessibility, affordability, sustainability… we understand these are just a few of the problems our customers encounter. That’s why we’re working hard to build strong relationships between farmers and consumers.



From our harvest’s carbon footprint to the price you’re paying per pound, we believe transparency is key. We make sure you’ve got this information at your fingertips, so you’re never kept in the dark.

Reimagining Waste


Food waste occurs at nearly every step of the supply chain, wasting water and energy while over-impacting landfills. To combat this, we recycle our fibrous waste and product bags to reduce our environmental impact and combat climate change.

Supporting Biodiversity


To keep our soil healthy, Northerly grows pulse crops like peas, lentils, and garbanzo beans. Because of their nitrogen-fixing properties these pulses improve soil biodiversity, creating a balanced, sustainable food ecosystem.

Precision Agriculture


Our fully-integrated software does it all: from daily operations like moving dirt, to customer service and chat support. Plant-to-harvest technology helps Northerly run efficiently, reduce waste, and better utilize resources so you get a stronger and tastier end product.