You Buy in Bulk.
We Give in Bulk.

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Because we believe more is more, when you buy in bulk, Northerly gives in bulk. For every 2 lbs. sold we donate three servings of rolled oats to our partners—food banks, shelters, and hunger relief organizations. Better yet, our bags are environmentally-friendly and full of sustainably-grown grains.




2,000 lb

Super Sack

Northerly supplies to markets, restaurants, food startups, food trucks, craft brewers, and bakeries. Whether you need 25 lbs. or 2,000, Northerly proudly delivers. We can even handle custom orders. Contact us to learn more.

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One ingredient. One source. 
Endless possibilities. 

northerly farms, sustainable farming, rolled oats

Our packaging is environmentally-
friendly and full of sustainably-grown grains from Northerly’s fields. Plus minimal processing keeps our oats nutrient-rich and better tasting.

northerly farms, sustainable farming, rolled oats

 When you buy direct from Northerly, you cut out the middleman and unnecessary or hidden distribution costs. It’s time to reconnect with your farm. 

northerly farms, sustainable farming, rolled oats

Our values and mission: sustainable, smart growing practices that extend the future of farming.