Sustainable farms build strong communities.

Without healthy, financially-secure employees, no farm is truly sustainable. That’s why Northerly proudly offers competitive wages and benefits to each of our employees.

Our mission and purpose.

Grow better food for more people. We’re committed to feeding the world through sustainable agriculture, staying at the forefront of technology, and connecting directly with our consumers.

Safety is our top-priority.

To support our vision of sustainable farming, we’ve signed onto Mission Zero, an initiative to help reduce workplace injuries to zero. We’re committed to keeping our teams—and their families happy and healthy.

Farming forward

Each of our team members, whether they’re in the field, the processing plant, or the office, are experts invested in the future of sustainable farming.

Interested in working towards the grainer good? Ask us about starting a career with Northerly.

Reimagining Waste


Food waste occurs at nearly every step of the supply chain, wasting water and energy while over-impacting landfills. To combat this, we recycle our fibrous waste and product bags to reduce our environmental impact and combat climate change.

Precision Agriculture


Our fully-integrated software does it all: from daily operations like moving dirt, to customer service and chat support. Plant-to-harvest technology helps Northerly run efficiently, reduce waste, and better utilize resources so you get a stronger and tastier end product.



From the field to its final destination, we maintain control over nearly every piece of our food chain. We clean, package, and deliver so you’re guaranteed a high quality product, every time.

Shorter Chains


With shorter food chains your product passes through fewer hands before reaching your kitchen or facility. This means you get fresh, fairly-priced grains thanks to our higher agricultural efficiency.

Solving Problems


Accessibility, affordability, sustainability… we understand these are just a few of the problems our customers encounter. That’s why we’re working hard to build strong relationships between farmers and consumers.



From our harvest’s carbon footprint to the price you’re paying per pound, we believe transparency is key. We make sure you’ve got this information at your fingertips, so you’re never kept in the dark.

Supporting Biodiversity


To keep our soil healthy, Northerly grows pulse crops like peas, lentils, and garbanzo beans. Because of their nitrogen-fixing properties these pulses improve soil biodiversity, creating a balanced, sustainable food ecosystem.

10.07.19   | Northerly Is Working Towards a #ZeroHunger Future