Where can I buy your oats?

You can find Northerly oats here. This list is rapidly changing as we grow, so be sure to check back or ask your local stockist to carry Northerly oats. 

Do you ship your oats directly to consumers?

Yes! We’re all about shortening the supply chain and putting our oats directly in consumers’ hands. You can buy all of our products directly from our website, as well as on Amazon and at select markets.

Are your oats and products non-GMO?

Fun fact, there’s no such thing as a GMO oat! You can read more about that here. Decisions for which crops are targeted for GMO research are based on economic and political decisions. To-date there has not been demand for this research when it comes to oats. Probably because they’re already easy to grow and nutritionally dense.

What does “sustainable agriculture” mean?

Sustainable agriculture uses modern technology and traditional practices to meet today’s food needs, without starving the future. Our sustainability mission is about more than how we grow and process our crops. It’s about being kind to the earth, local economies, and each other.

Can I buy your oats in bulk?

Absolutely! Whether you need a recurring bulk order, or a one-time custom order, we have the capabilities to get your order filled. Check out our bulk and wholesale page for more info.

How does Northerly grow its crops?

At Northerly, we’re focused on sustainable agriculture. That means using the best practices from both conventional and organic agriculture to grow nutrient-rich crops, while being kind to the earth and supporting local communities. Thanks to precision technology, we’re able to hone our use of resources while growing better food for more people.

What is your packaging made out of?

Our go-to bags are made from kraft material that is compostable and will biodegrade when used in commercial composting facilities. Sustainable packaging helps us do our part to reduce waste while maintaining the integrity of our oats once they leave our farm.

Why is my packaging different from what’s on the website?

As COVID-19 taxes our food system, we’re using the most available packaging materials to help feed families across the nation. Once we’re out of the crisis, we’ll go back to using only packaging that meets our high sustainability standards.

What if I’m a retailer/stockist who wants to carry your oats?

We’d love to see our bags on your shelves. Check out our bulk and wholesale page for information about how to become a wholesale partner.

What is Notherly’s give-back program?

At Northerly, we’re committed to feeding communities across the United States. That’s why for every 2 lb. bag we sell, we donate three servings of oats to the Feeding America network. You can learn more about how we’re growing strong communities here.

Does Northerly use glyphosate?

We never use glyphosate on our oats.

Are your oats certified organic?

Long answer short: Northerly oats are always sustainably-farmed, but not always organic. While Northerly supports organic farmers—and we expect to have an organic crop in the near future—our farming methods work with the needs of local ecosystems. For example, our growing facility in Arizona lends itself to organic crops because there are fewer pests and weeds that require intervention. However, our crops grown in Canada may require different practices in order to optimize growth, minimize the use of resources, and be kind to the earth.

How long will your oats stay fresh?

Our oats are a shelf-stable pantry essential, and will stay good for up to two years after packaging (when stored in a cool, dry place). You can always check the expiration date on your bag.

Are your oats gluten-free?

While all oats are naturally gluten-free, ours are processed in a facility where they may come into contact with gluten. We are currently working on offering a certified gluten-free product, but if you have severe gluten intolerance such as Celiac disease, we recommend consuming only certified gluten-free oats.