Northerly is growing a better tomorrow, while feeding the communities we know and love.

Order Northerly oats online, find us at markets and co-ops, and taste for yourself how Northerly’s high quality crops are already elevating local food scene.

Northerly grains and oats

2 lb (32 oz) rolled oats

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Northerly grains and oats for the grainer good

25 lb (11.34 kg) rolled oats

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good source of fiber


7g vegan protein per serving


good for your heart


harvested in Canada


processed in the US 

Discovery Box

4 oz rolled oats, food flask, Northerly booklet

Our 4 oz. sample bag is the perfect serving of rolled oats to fuel your next adventure. And, whether you take them hot or cold, sweet or savory, Northerly’s oats can go everywhere you do thanks to our MiiR Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Food Canister. Did we mention they’re sustainably-grown and minimally-processed?

Discover a better way to fuel your adventure. 


Minimally-Processed Grains

Supporting a healthy lifestyle.

Northerly’s rolled oats are minimally-processed, which means they stay nutrient-rich and flavorful. As an excellent source of antioxidants, B vitamins, essential minerals, and fiber, they play an important role in supporting a healthy lifestyle. 


The Future of Northerly

Growing together.

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be rolling out other sustainably grown crops alongside our oats. In the future, we’ll bring hemp, flax, lentils, and chickpeas to the same markets as our rolled oats. Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter for the latest on growing and harvesting!