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With our company’s growth, it’s important to have a brand identity that is efficient to use, flexible and consistent in different applications. These guidelines include logo, iconography, tagline, color, motion, photography, typography, tone of voice, and illustration.

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For the Grainer Good is a brand of Northerly Farms that coordinates community-based projects.

For the Grainer Good logo
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C 70% M 66% Y 67% K 80%
R 26 G 24 B 22
web #1a1816
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1 | web# ada88c

2 | web# ddb762

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Reforma Negra

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Work Sans Light

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Educated, informative, down to earth, data-driven, warm but not overly casual. Northerly has expert knowledge in the fields of nutrition, agriculture, and technology.

For the Grainer Good:

Personable, conversational, connected, Millennial. As Clayton’s personal brand and Northerly’s give-back brand, the voice represents Clayton.


Company info and short bio



Northerly is a food and sustainability brand created by CEO of Wolfe International Farms, Clayton B. R. Wolfe.

For the Grainer Good

For the Grainer Good is a brand of Northerly Farms that coordinates community-based projects.

Clayton B. R. Wolfe

Clayton is a fifth generation Saskatchewan farmer and the CEO of Northerly Farms. 

For the grainer good partners with united food bank to help end hunger in Arizona


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | Scottsdale, Arizona, Dec 18th, 2019 — For the Grainer Good® the one for one give-back arm of Scottsdale-based Northerly Farms, recently announced their partnership with United Food Bank. Through an innovative climb-and-give program, Northerly’s CEO, Clayton B. R. Wolfe, is set to donate over 142,000 servings of food to hunger relief organizations across North America.

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