During the dark, cold days of winter, there’s nothing more comforting than a warm bowl of oatmeal. But what happens when the weather changes? If it’s 80 degrees before 8am, you might want to trade coffee for cold brew and feel less inclined to turn on the stovetop. Luckily, we’ve rounded up a handful of no-bake and no-cook rolled oats recipes so you can enjoy the benefits of oats no matter what the weather brings. 

Benefits of eating rolled oats

Why bother eating rolled oats year-round? Oats are low on the glycemic index and naturally contain high amounts of beta glucan. Studies have linked this soluble fiber to better blood sugar regulation and lower cholesterol. And beta glucan is only the tip of the “health benefits iceberg” when it comes to oats. They can also help with weight loss, lower blood pressure, reduce chronic inflammation, and contribute to better gut health. In fact, the world’s oldest family claims that eating oats twice a day is the secret to their longevity. 

But is it safe to eat uncooked rolled oats?

We wouldn’t recommend munching on a handful of dry oats straight out of the bag. But it’s perfectly safe to do so (if you don’t mind spending a little extra time chewing). The concern with uncooked oats is that they can build up in your stomach and intestines, leading to indigestion or stomach upset. Luckily, cooking isn’t the only way to make oats more palatable. In these recipes, you’ll combine your dry ingredients with “wet” ingredients—milk, nut butter, honey—which makes them easier to digest. 

No-cook rolled oats recipes

From simple overnight oats to delicious on-the-go snacks, we’ve collected a handful of our favorites. 

Recipe 1: Tropical Summer Overnight Oats

Thanks to stay-at-home orders and social distancing, this summer might look a little different for some. But you can still get a taste of the tropics (and one-third of your daily recommended whole grains) with tropical summer overnight oats. This recipe by The Endless Meal combines punchy tropical fruits with creamy coconut milk for a breakfast bowl that tastes like a day at the beach. 

Recipe 2: No-bake Oatmeal Bites

Whether you’re on the trails, in the backcountry, or just headed to the park for an afternoon of summer fun, no-bake oat bites should be a go-to snack. They’re easy to make, portable, and packed full of energy to fuel your adventure. Plus, they’re a great way to get the kids to be creative in the kitchen. You can even experiment with different add-ins and toppings to make them 100% your own. Get the recipe here

Recipe 3: Easy Peanut Butter Oat Bars

If you’ve got ten minutes, you have time for these peanut butter oat bars by JoyFoodSunshine. We love them because they’re simple, nutrient-rich, dairy-free, gluten-free, and don’t contain any refined sugar. They’re even vegan friendly! If you’re in the “dessert for breakfast” crowd, this is a healthy, delicious alternative to the usual cake or ice cream.


With no-cook rolled oat recipes, you can get all of the health benefits of oats without ever preheating the oven or firing up the stovetop. What’s your favorite way to beat the heat and get in your daily dose of oats? Let us know in the comments for a chance to have your recipe featured. 

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