FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | Scottsdale, Arizona, April 23rd, 2020 — Northerly, a food brand built on sustainability, community, and giving back, is set to debut on the shelves of LA’s luxury health-food market, Erewhon. By May 2020, to account for the timeline setbacks of COVID-19, the upscale health-food store will have Northerly’s sustainably-grown, minimally-processed rolled oats on offer. 


Since their founding in the 1960s, Erewhon has held their suppliers to the highest standards of ethics, sustainability, and craftsmanship. And that integrity has paid off—Erewhon has since burgeoned into a health-conscious food scene go-to superstore with locations in Venice, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, Calabasas, and, of course, Beverly Boulevard in Los Angeles proper. 


For Erewhon, novelty is key. The brand has built their reputation on sourcing only the purest ethically- and sustainably- produced foods, wellness and beauty products, and household items—products that often cannot be found anywhere else. 


Grown through sustainable practices, minimally-processed with no additives, and packaged in eco-friendly bags, Northerly’s rolled oats meet Erewhon’s high standards. The partnership reflects Northerly’s ongoing commitment to growing better food for more people.


About Northerly Farms

Northerly Farms uses the latest advancements in AI, robotics, and automation to grow sustainable crops that are less resource-intensive and more earth-friendly. Northerly is committed to traceability along the supply chain, transparency in their growing practices, and connection with food communities. | For more,


About Erewhon

Erewhon is a natural grocer and cafe that sells only the purest, ethically and sustainably produced foods, wellness and beauty products, and household items. | For more, visit their website.

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