We had them for breakfast!
They were FABULOUS! No kidding!
Thanks for this quality!

Andreas Steffens PhD

We bought 25 lbs of rolled oats. These are THE BEST OATS I’ve ever had, hands down! Thank you for making a wonderful product!

Catherine Sutphen

I’ll never eat another brand of oats!

C. W.

I just got my first order delivered and they are fantastic. I love that Northerly pays it forward as well.

j.u.s.t jenn

The best oats I have ever had. And they give back to St. Mary's Food Bank.

Vikki Davidson

These oats are very good. They are perfect for the quarantine breakfast flex!

Cody Westin

I just got my shipment of oats today and boy, they really are very good. I love the taste and texture!


Been eating other brands like 365 and Trader Joe's for years, and these are by far the best oats.


So thankful to have this option for oats in this crazy crisis. Happy to support a farm. Shipped immediately and arrived quickly. Thank you!


I was so happy to find Northerly! I was ready to order the oats as soon as I saw them, but they actually have a really cool story. They sustainably grow the oats and donate an insane amount of food each month. 


Really yummy oats! I was skeptical if these would taste any different from grocery store oats and everyone in my house agreed they have a better texture and fresher flavor! Customer service was great too!


So happy and surprised to find these rolled oats, and I'm really glad to support this small farm while having my regular rolled oats for breakfast. Besides, they donate food locally! Thank you so much!

Natasha Masharova

I eat oats every morning, religiously - overnight or cooked on the stove. Stumbled upon this brand and let me tell you, they taste way better, and they're noticeably fresher. Buy a pack, or ten, you won't regret it.

Robert N.

I ordered these oats because my local grocery stores were sold out, and I'm so glad I did! You can taste the love in every bite, and the oats have a much more consistent texture than the Bob's Red Mill I usually buy. I also LOVE the look and feel of the bag and the fact that it's eco-friendly. Plus, my purchase helped the company give back to food banks. Wins all around. I'll definitely be buying from Northerly again.

Brenda T.

They are delicious! I will be switching all oat purchases in the future to Northerly Farms! They are giving back to the needy with every purchase. I love companies that give back like Northerly, keep it up!


We now use these as our go-to oatmeal and couldn't be happier with Northerly. Healthy quality oats that are doing something similar to Toms shoes, where they donate meals for every bag you buy. Love it!


Absolutely the best oats I have eaten since whenever. These oats make the best in breakfast eating, meatloaf making, and cookie baking. The taste and texture are just perfect for the true oat lover.

Emma Mae

I just had my first large bowl of Northerly rolled oats! Amazing taste and just the right texture! We loved them!

Hazel Hamilton

The perfect oatmeal.

Pamela Kleba

Best oats on the market!


Very sleek and cool packaging. The oats were delicious. I used them to make oat milk and they were perfect for that.


I have never found oats like this before! The flavor is excellent and the texture is fully satisfying. My only question is: does Northerly oatmeal come in a larger size? I'm going to need a good supply for a long time to come.

E Joyce Wilkinson

These are the most delicious oats I have ever cooked with. These are very flavorful. I was pleasantly surprised!


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