Northerly supplies to markets, restaurants, food startups, food trucks, craft brewers, bakeries and you can buy Northerly grains online. When you eat a fresh scone, sample lentil soup at a local farmers’ market, or sip a craft beer made from Northerly grains, you’re not just getting a high quality product. You’re also supporting our values and mission: Sustainable, smart growing practices that extend the future of farming.

Buy Northerly

grains online.

buy Northerly grains online

Whether you’re buying in bulk, or just need to restock your personal supply, our grains are available to purchase online. Plus, when you buy in bulk, we’ll give in bulk! Don’t forget to check out our give-back program.

check out our give-back program

Find us at select local markets and co-ops.

Sustainable farming is all about building strong local communities. Come visit us at select markets, co-ops, and events. We might even be serving up samples of Northerly’s premium grains and showing off our favorite recipes.

Elevating the local
food scene.

We proudly partner with some of the top restaurants, food trucks, breweries, and bakeries across the US. See how high-quality Northerly grains are elevating menus. Interested in partnering with Northerly? Let us know how we can support you.



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